When You Feel Like Giving Up


I have been told I’m an encourager in the past. Encouraging others gives me a sense of peace. Because I struggle with depression a lot, I don’t want anyone to have to experience it. I use humor to make others smile, and temporarily forget their worries.

The last couple of years I have turned to memes to make me laugh. Some people don’t appreciate my sense of humor, but that’s ok. The right ones will.

Painting also used to help, and I want to get back into it. I recently purchased a course on abstract painting, and look forward to giving it a shot. Art definitely is a therapy.

The last year has brought a lot of pain and sorrow to us all. I’m sure many of us have had our moments where we feel like giving up. In these moments, I would encourage you to make a list of your reasons to stay. There may be more than you think.

For example, what about your immediate family? Or your pet? Or your friends? There are people who would miss you. You may not realize the effect you’ve had on many people’s lives.

What about things you would miss, like the salty smell and calming sounds of the beach? Hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day? Your best friends laugh? The feeling that you have changed someone else’s life?

What about bonfires, your first apartment/house, meaningful hugs, being in/attending someone’s wedding, ice cream, sunsets, re-connecting with old friends, your favorite hobbies, your favorite restaurant?

What about concerts, music that you connect with, the feeling of lying-in bed after a long day, birthday parties, feeling the sun on your face, or hearing the words “I love you’?

What about late-night food runs with your friends? Hot showers, the sound of rain, the feeling you get after reading a good book? Eating your favorite foods, watching a great movie, meeting new people?

There may be a trip you’d never take, a love of your life you’d never meet. What about going back to school, and getting that dream job?

You could do it.

See, there are plenty of reasons to stay. You just may accomplish something big with your life. Even if you don’t, you may inspire someone else to keep going. That’s SO important.

I am an ambassador for Worth Living. Their mission statement says that hope, healing, health and happiness is part of our journey through mental health challenges.

I truly believe that we are all here for a purpose. We may not know what that is, but don’t you think it’s worth it to stay and find out?

Hold on, because there is hope. Life does get better. Problems do end. Your mental health will improve. No matter who you are, or what you’ve done in your life, there is a reason to live. Keep going. Your journey is not over yet.

Here are some resources if you are struggling: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-1800–273–8255, NAMI-1800–950–6264, and the Crisis Text Line: 741741. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.




Hobby Writer| Remote Worker | Traveler | Mental Health Advocate

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Brie Koons

Brie Koons

Hobby Writer| Remote Worker | Traveler | Mental Health Advocate

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