Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life


I don’t know about you guys, but occasionally I find myself struggling with too much clutter! I love nothing more than to throw things out, and make room for things I truly need!

What you need is to simplify your life. What does this mean? A simplified life means that you will get rid of any extra mental and physical clutter so that you can have time for the things that actually matter to you.

If you’re like me, and it’s time to clear some space and part with things you don’t need, follow the tips below to simplify your life!

You don’t have to do everything on the list, just the things that are most important to you.

Set Monthly Goals.

Give yourself 1–3 monthly goals to accomplish. Setting goals gives you something to work towards, motivation to get things done, and a deadline to finish things by. I need to do this for myself. For example, I’d like to put out 1 blog post a week.

I could set a goal to write 1–2 blog posts before my weekly publishing date. I’m also working on a creative writing course, during which I will write my first fiction short story! (More on this later) So I could set a goal to do some free writing for 25 minutes, at least 2 days a week. This would help me brainstorm and get my creative juices flowing.

Drink More Water.

I am terrible at this you guys, but I need to work on it! Our bodies require water to perform a number of functions. Our bodies are composed of about 60% water. Water aids the body with digestion, absorption, circulation, transport of nutrients, and much more.

The brain is 75% water! I didn’t know this. Hydration has major effects on energy levels and brain function and can help prevent and treat headaches. Ok, where’s my water bottle? It also helps you lose weight, which is why so many diets talk about it. Get your water in folks! I personally need to start tracking it again and carrying my water bottle around for refills.

Declutter Your Home.

This is my favorite one! I love, love, love throwing stuff away! I know it sounds silly, but it genuinely makes me happy. Gather clothes you no longer wear or that don’t fit, and send them off to Goodwill. Throw away old magazines, and sell old movies and CDs on sites like LetGo and Declutter. Go through your garage and collect things you can take to the dump.

Have a garage sale or list items on Craigslist to sell. Trust me, it feels so good to declutter! You’ll have peace of mind and it makes organizing any space much easier to deal with. If you have a hard time letting things go, have a friend come over and help you.

Limit Negativity.

I totally understand that bad days happen. Maybe your car wouldn’t start in the morning, a friend canceled on you at the last minute, or you got a negative review at work. It happens.

It’s only natural to have a negative reaction to things like this, but in the future, really think about how negativity impacts your life. If you find that you are spending the rest of your day in a bad mood, then you are spending too much time in negativity.

Try to refocus your energy on something positive. It will help you get through your day and life in general. For example, if you spill coffee on your shirt, clean it off the best you can, throw on a scarf if you have one, and focus on the date you have tonight.

Take Care Of Your Health.

Your body was designed to move and needs nutrients for optimal performance. Don’t think of your workout as a chore, think of it as something you’re doing for the good of your body. Same with healthy eating. Don’t live to eat, eat to live. Give your body the foods it needs to function at its best.

Your body will thank you.

Pay Off Debt.

This is something I want to do this year. The only debt I have is my student loans from college. I’ve been paying on them for 12 years, so they’re almost paid off. I’ve just got a small chunk left. My goal this year is to completely pay them off and eliminate that debt.

I also plan to pay off my cell phone, which I just got last year. I have the iPhone 10.

That’s it!

Following these tips will help you simplify your life and reduce extra stress. Leave a comment below if you like this post! I’ll be putting out more lifestyle tips in future posts. I have definitely found that I have become somewhat of a minimalist in the last couple years. I just function better that way.

I also want to explore the art of slow living. If you don’t know, slow living is a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of everyday life. Slow living is an organic and natural way of living. It is balance, ease, sanity and low stress.

More on this later! Look for a new blog post in a couple days! :)




Hobby Writer| Remote Worker | Traveler | Mental Health Advocate

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Brie Koons

Brie Koons

Hobby Writer| Remote Worker | Traveler | Mental Health Advocate

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